‘’Jo Sharkey has been wonderful with my son. I could and would recommend her to anyone who needs this service”.

‘’She shared endless compassion and support. Jo was also very understanding and flexible’’.

‘’Thank you so very much. This has been such a fantastic help for my 8 year old son to help him come to terms with losing his grandad. Since he has been having sessions with Jo he has been like the son we know.

He now understands that poorly people do die and it’s OK for him to feel sad and upset. He is now more able to talk about him, but now smiles when he mentions his name”.

‘’Jo Sharkey was absolutely fantastic; not only did she go above and beyond in supporting my son with his bereavement after the loss of his granny, by going in to his nursery and school, she was also a lifeline for me’’.

‘’Wonderful, Wonderful Lady. Much love and gratitude”.

“A wonderful Service, one to one counselling helped greatly for me to get back a life and a coping strategy after losing my wife to cancer’’.

‘’At a time when it was very hard to find the right help and support for our unusual situation meeting Jo was such a relief! Somebody who ‘got it’ could immediately understand and offer practical advice for how we could explain the possible outcomes to our 8 year old.

Jo advised us and then met with her to offer one-to-one support for her, giving her a ‘safe’ grown up she could be completely open with about her fears and experiences. This helped her but was also a big reassurance to us too. We are very grateful, thank you’’.